Past Seminars (audio recordings) on creation care:

New Frontiers in Missions: The Gospel Amidst Global Environmental Crises  by Ben Lowe ’15 (56 min)

Making Sense of Climate Change: Questions, Solutions, and the Church’s Role. (GI12) by Ben Lowe ’15 (58 min)

Environmental Missions: Bringing Christ the Creator to the Least-Reached by Lowell Bliss ’12 (58 min)

The Environment, a Biblical Responsibility by Terry LeBlanc ’12 (57 min)

The Environmentalist’s Dilemma: Plants or People? by Ed Brown ’12 (57 min)

Creation Care on Your Campus: How to Begin by Ben Lowe ’09 (1 hr)

Global Warming: Voices from the South Pacific by Parimal Christian and Nirosh Sachindra Samarartne ’09 (58 min)

Organizing Faith Communities for Environmental Justice by Lisa Sharon Harper and Rachel Anderson ’09 (1 hr 9 min)

The Green Gospel: Christians Caring for Creation by Laurie and Mark Russell ’09 (1 hr 6 min)

Caring for Creation by Cheryl Barnitsen ’03 (53 min)